Ministry of Environmentand Forests, Govt. of India
EC Order No.: J-11011/302/2007-IA II(I)dated 12.09.2007

SI. No. Specific Conditions Compliance
A. Specific Conditions
1  This environmental clearance is subject to measures to be taken by the industrial associations as identified by the Andhra Pollution Control Board vide its letter no. 45/PCB/CFE/BO/EC/2007 dated 15th June, 2007  We are Complying with the condition, Latest CFO Copy is enclosed
2 HCl and SO2 emissions from the process vents shall be scrubbed through dual water media and caustic scrubbers respectively. Dilute HCl formed shall be reused and SO2 scrubbed water shall be sent to CETP. The gases containing traces of HCl gas will be passed through Alkali secondary Packed Tower, where gases will be neutralized & clean air will be vented through Blower stack. We have installed dual stage scrubbers for scrubbing of HCl and SO2 emissions from process vents.
3 CO2 formed shall be routed to atmosphere through vents and H2 will be diffused with flame arrester. We are complying the condition
4 Bromine shall not be used and process which result in Bromine emission is not allowed. We are not using and will not use bromine.
5 The average solvent losses will be 3-5 % as fugitive emissions. Chillers for chilled Brine circulation to reduce the solvent evaporation losses into the atmospheric will be installed and all storage tanks will be connected with vent condensers. We are complying with the condition
6 A stack of 30m shall be provided with the coal fired boiler and 12m with other boilers. 4TPH coal fired boiler is attached with 30 m height stack.
7 Electrostatic precipitators with 99.9% efficiency shall be installed with the boiler of CPP instead of cyclone separators, as proposed by company. Boiler stack is attached to air pre heater and mechanical dust collector to control particulate matter. Stack emission monitoring report enclosed.
8 There shall be no odor nuisance from products & material used. We are complying with the Condition
9 Water with drawl shall not exceed 84.2KLD which will be met from the existing bore well in the premises. However, permission must be obtained from the SGWB and their recommendations at the time of permission should be fully implemented. We are complying with the condition
10 The waste water generation shall not exceed 23.13 KLD. The high TDS/High COD effluent stream shall be sent to Multiple Effect Evaporation system with stream stripper. The evaporated salt shall be sent to TSDF and the condensate shall be collected in the Low TDS effluent collection tank and sent to CETP. It will be partially used for cooling towers also. Low TDS/Low COD effluent shall be treated primarily in ETP and sent to CETP, Patancheru for further treatment All Effluents are subjected to treatment based on Zero liquid discharge. The effluents are sent to stripper, followed by MEE. The condensate from MEE is send to RO and the permeate is re used for cooling tower and process. The MEE Concentrate is sent to ATFD/Aeration. The reject from RO is sent to MEE.
11 The company shall submit membership documents of TSDF and CETP for record within 15 days of issue of this letter. We have entered into agreement with HWMP-TSDF and copy of the same is enclosed.CETP membership is not applicable to our industry as we are reusing the treated waste water after treatment in ETP.
12 Organic residue, evaporation residue spent carbon and ETP sludge and boiler ash shall be sent to TSDF. We are sending Organic residues to Cement Industries and inorganic waste to HWMP, TSDF.Boiler ash is sent to brick manufactures.
13 Spent solvents shall be recovered as far as possible & recovery shall not be less than 98 percent.Solvent vapoursemitted during purification tanks as fugitive emissions shall be reduced as far as possible. All venting equipment shall have vapour recovery system. Solvents are recovered to the extent possible and recovered solvents are reused. Vent condensers are provided to reduce the losses.
14 Benzene shall not be used as solvent and no odours compounds/gas like Mercaptans or Hydrogen Sulfide shall be used or formed in any of reactants at the site. We are not using Benzene. Will not generate odorous compounds like Mercaptans or H2S.
15 The Company shall implement various commitments made during the Public Hearing. We are complying with the condition
B. General Conditions
16 The project authorities shall strictly to the stipulations made by the state pollution control Bored We are strictly adhering to the stipulations made by the State Pollution Control Board and ensure that we will not violate the norms prescribed by the Board.
17 No further expansion or modification in the plant shall be carried out without prior approval of the Ministry of Environment and Forests. In case of Deviations or alterations in the project Proposal from the submitted to this Ministry for clearance, a fresh reference shell be made to the ministry to assess the adequacy of conditions Imposed and add additional environmental protection measures required if any. We have noted and will comply with condition.
18 At no time, the emissions exceed the prescribed limits, in the event of failure of any pollution control system adopted by the unit; the unit shall be immediately put out of operation and shall not be restarted until the desired efficiency has been achieved. We have noted and will comply with condition.
19 The gaseous emissions (SO2, NOx, HCl, CO,VOC and HC) and particulate matter along with RSPM levels from various Process units shall conform to the standards prescribed by the concerned Authorities from time to time. At no time , the emissions levels shall go beyond the stipulated standards In the event of failure of pollution control system adopted by the unit, the respective unit shall not be restarted until the control measures are rectified to achieve the desired efficiency Provided dual scrubbers for controlling the gaseous emissions. Provided double condensers to the reactors. Provided mechanical dust collectors and air pre heaters to the boiler.
20 Level of HC and VOC at various probable locations in the ambient air will be monitored. Regular monitoring of HC and VOC May be carried out in the ambient air in and around the plant. We are monitoring VOC at production area, solvent storage area, ETP area through MoEF recognized laboratory. Reports Enclosed.
21 The locations of ambient air quality monitoring stations shall be reviewed in consultation with the State Pollution Control Board (SPCB) and additional stations shall be installed if required in the downwind direction as well as Where maximum ground level Concentration are anticipated. We are Complying with the condition and regular AAQ monitoring is carried out through MoEF recognized laboratory. Reports Enclosed.
22 Dedicated scrubbers and stack of appropriate height as per the central pollution Board Guidelinesshall be provided to control the emission from various vents. The Scrubbed water sent to ETP for further treatment We have installed dual scrubbers at the top of the production block scrubbed water is sent to ETP for further treatment.
23 All the storage tanks will be under negative pressure to avoid any leakages. Breather valves, N2 blanketing and secondary condensers with brine chilling system shall be provided for all storage tanks to minimize vapor losses. All liquid raw materialsshall be stored in storage tank and drums,Closedhandling systems for chemicals and solvents will be provided. Magnetic seals will be provided for pumps /agitators for reactors for reduction of fugitive emissions. Solvent traps shall be installed wherever necessary. All the liquid raw materials are stored in storage tanks and drums. Closed handling system is provided. Mechanical seals are provided to pumps and agitators to reduce leakages and fugitive emissions.
24 All venting equipment shall have recovery system. All the pumps and other equipment’s where there is a likelihood of HC leakages shall be provided with leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) system and LEL indicators and Hydrocarbon detectors. Provision for immediate isolation of such equipment, in case of leakage will also be made. The company shall provide a well-defined Leak detection and repair (LDAR) programme for quantification and control of fugitive emissions. The detectors sensitivity will be in ppm levels. We noted the condition and will comply.
25 The company Shall undertake following waste minimization measures.
  • Metering and control of quantities of active ingredients to minimize waste
  • Reuse of by-products from the process as raw materials or as raw material substitutes in other process
  • Use of automated filling to minimize spillage
  • Use of close feed system into batch reactors
  • Venting equipment through vapour recovery system
  • Use of high pressure hoses for equipment cleaning to reduce wastewater generation
We have noted and we will ensure all necessary precautions to minimize the Waste.
26 Fugitive emissions in the work zone environment, product, and raw materials storage area shall be regularly Monitored. The emissions shall conform to the limits imposed by the State Pollution Control Boards/ Central Pollution Control Board. We are monitoring VOC in work zone area and complying.
27 The project authorities shall strictly comply with the rules and guidelines under Manufacture, Storage and Import of Hazardous Chemicals Rules, 1989 as amended in October, 1994 and January, 2000 and Hazardous Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 1989, as amended from time to time.Authorization from the SPCB shall be obtained for collection, Treatment storage and disposal of hazardous wastes. All Transportation of Hazardous Chemicals shall be as per the MVA. 1989. We have noted and complying with the condition. Regularly obtaining authorization from SPCB.
28 Compliance regarding public liability insurance. enclosed