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SV Labs is committed to providing products and services of specified quality through rigorous quality assurance procedures. Right from the beginning, we have established systems and processes that compliment our top class chemistry skills. This has enabled us to churn out top quality products and live upto our customer commitments. To internalize our quality standards, we obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification.

The Quality Management System (QMS) is a four tier structure:
Level I : Quality Management System Manual
Level II : Quality System Procedure(Specifications & Method of Analysis and SOP)
Level III : BPR, SOP (Production)
Level IV : Forms and Records

The basic objective of the Quality Management System is to achieve consistency in quality and customer satisfaction by ensuring that our products and services meet/exceed expectations of the customer.
Our products pass through different quality checks, from the inward entry of raw material to the dispatch of finished products.
All team members are contiuously trained on the quality systems and procedures. This has helped us institutionalize all standards with every team members contiuously contributing to our customers' satisfaction.

Quality Control:
QC department has instruments for analysis of Intermediates and API’s, packaging and related materials used.
The QC department performs following activities:
RM/PM analysis
Finished Products analysis
In-process Checks
Stability Studies
The QC activities are managed through four sections:
Instrumental Analysis and Finished Products
Wet Analysis Laboratory
Major Instruments in Lab:
Gas Liquid Chromatograph with Auto Sampler attachment to estimate organic volatile /toxic solvents to meet ICH guidelines
High Performance Liquid Chromatographs - 2 Nos.
Other Instruments:

UV / Visible And IR ectrophotometers 1
Metrohm Auto Titrator 1
Electronic Micro And Semi Microbalances 2
Digital Conductivity, TDS And  Ph Meters 1